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                          Quality and After-sales Service

                          Both Quality and After-service are well though out and executed plan at Southwest machines. We consider them as our core competence and two of the main factors in client satisfaction.  Our company works towards achieving the utmost client satisfaction by offering best Quality in our machines and services

                          Guaranteed Quality

                          We attach much importance to our products’ quality. Apart from the strict quality control system, our experienced QC engineers will also double-check the machines before the shipment to assure customers’ requirements in quality. As our main market is in Europe, so many of our machines up to the international standard,too, comply with the respective EU directive, which demonstrates conformity to European Standards.

                          After-sales Service:

                          We believe that service is as important as design and production of our machines. Our service team consists of well trained and enthusiastic technicians who can respond to any service requirement in a fast and effective manner. 

                            • Installations are done in cities where we can provide quick response service.
                            • Proper staff training for customer’s workers in their factory or our factory to ensure correct operation of the machines.
                            • Annual maintenance guidance of the machine.
                            • Free broken parts are supplied under one year guarantee.
                            • Technical supports are available all the time against any mechanical defect